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Memento Vivere Amulet PRE-ORDER

$14.00 / Sold Out

***This is a PRE-ORDER shipping in late April.***
This amulet—inspired by Victorian memento mori jewelry and the Black Rabbit of Inlé, messenger of death in the world of Watership Down—bears the inscription “Memento Vivere”: Remember to Live. Wear it as a brooch or carry it in a pocket as a daily reminder that your heart is still beating.

Amulets are black hard enamel in goldtone or silvertone metal and measure 1.75 inches tall, with your choice of hardware:
- Kilt pin/safety pin brooch in gold or silver (pin is 2.25 inches long)
- Vintage bow brooch in gold only (bow is 1.75 inches long)
- Key ring in gold or silver (ring is 1 inch in diameter)

Your order will be shipped when all of the items you ordered are in stock and available. Although we expect the Memento Vivere Amulets to ship in late April, we can’t guarantee a delivery date.