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"Atropa Belladonna" pin in Poison Garden Green

$10.00 / Sold Out

“It is our memories which make us monsters, is it not?”
This 1.5” vintage-style cameo in dark silver and glossy enamel features a tiny poison bottle and deadly nightshade flowers.

Proceeds from this pin will be used to support our nonprofit mission of helping artists give back to their communities by turning their work into tiny, affordable editions to support worthy causes. But we’ll be also donating $1 from every pin sold to the Alzheimer’s Association to help preserve memories, both good and bad.

To our supporters outside of the United States: We realize that $10 USD for shipping is prohibitively costly for many of you. Unfortunately, due to recent USPS price increases, the least expensive method of sending a Creeping Museum envelope to Europe is $13.50 USD. The cost of sending an envelope to Canada is $9.50 USD. Because one of The Creeping Museum’s goals is to provide as wide a reach as possible for our partner artists, we are willing to cover the balance of the cost of postage to your country. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.