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"The Loyal Order of the Black Cat” badge in Shadowvision Monochrome


Are you ready to join The Loyal Order of the Black Cat? This very special 1.25” glossy enamel initiation badge in Shadowvision Monochrome was created by Stephanie Buscema (@stephbuscema) especially for The Creeping Museum.

Steph has generously donated her art and selected New York nonprofit The Worthy Pause to be the beneficiary of all net proceeds from the sale of the Loyal Order of the Black Cat initiation badge, to support their goal of providing care to injured and abandoned animals and emotional relief to their human companions. We are so honored to collaborate with this incredibly talented artist to support The Worthy Pause with these special badges.

“The Loyal Order of the Black Cat” is also available in All-Seeing Cat’s Eye Green.

We ship orders of in-stock items once per week.

To our supporters outside of the United States: We realize that $10 USD for shipping is prohibitively costly for many of you. Unfortunately, due to recent USPS price increases, the least expensive method of sending a Creeping Museum envelope to Europe is $13.50 USD. The cost of sending an envelope to Canada is $9.50 USD. Because one of The Creeping Museum’s goals is to provide as wide a reach as possible for our partner artists, we are willing to cover the balance of the cost of postage to your country. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.