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Creature Comfort Ritual Kit by The Dark Exact

$16.00 / Sold Out

The Creature Comfort Ritual Kit was created by Coleman Stevenson of The Dark Exact to help those in mourning process the loss of a beloved animal companion, and honor the life lived with their pet. Inside the 4.25” x 2.5” x .75” matchbox you’ll find materials for two rituals, including candles and holder, matches, seeds, stones, and instructions for a Ritual for Now (for recent losses), and a Ritual for Later (to celebrate your companion’s life).

All profits from the sale of this kit will be donated to the DoveLewis Velvet Assistance Fund in honor of Coleman’s dear departed dog Oliver, whose life was once saved by DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

Our shop is a one-person volunteer operation. Due to the scope of the Haunted Menagerie release, please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be shipped, depending on whether your order includes pre-order items. Thank you so much for your support!