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Cup of Stars necklace by Laurel Witting

$30.00 / Sold Out

Laurel Witting has created a very limited number of hand-beaded onyx and sterling necklaces inspired by The Haunting of Hill House:

“Instantly I knew what i wanted to create—not just a cup of stars for Eleanor, but the cup that Theodora would send to her, a present between two strangers commemorating an unlikely bond after a strange and haunted summer. I felt I needed to not only represent Eleanor in this piece but Theodora as well, as i feel such a connection to both these women.”

The Cup of Stars necklace measures 20 inches, with six inches of beading including both Matte and Polished Onyx, 14 inches of antique silver flat bar chain, and a 14mm Cup of Stars charm, hand blacked and enameled for an aged appearance.

Laurel is donating all proceeds to Women in Need NYC, an organization helping homeless women and their children rebuild their lives.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Our shop is a one-person volunteer operation. Due to the scope of the Darkness Within release, please allow 2 weeks for your order to be shipped. Thank you so much for your support!