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“Where is Your Home?” Amulet


This amulet—inspired by Shirley Jackson’s book The Haunting of Hill House and Victorian enamel mourning jewelry—is a memento of a home which has been lost, or a home that never was. A haunted house stands alone behind a row of beautiful yet poisonous oleanders. Rising above the house is a waning crescent moon, symbolizing a time of self-reflection and letting go.

Amulets are available in gold or silver in a regular edition with black and white hard enamel or a silver limited edition Ghostly White version in all-white hard enamel. Both versions measure approximately 1.25 inches tall, with your choice of hardware:
- Kilt pin/safety pin brooch in gold or silver (pin is 2.25 inches long)
- Vintage bow brooch in gold only (bow is 1.75 inches long)

Please note that the black and silver variant may have very minor surface imperfections in the metal which do not affect the beauty or wearability of the piece.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Our shop is a one-person volunteer operation. Due to the scope of the Darkness Within release, please allow 2 weeks for your order to be shipped. Thank you so much for your support!